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Easy Party Table Centerpiece DIY | Dollar Tree Decor Idea

I'm super excited to share a fun tutorial with you. We're gonna learn how to make awesome centerpieces for birthday parties. These little decorations can totally jazz up your party vibes and make everything look extra cool. I'm gonna add some characters from the super popular Russian cartoon, Luntik (or Moonzy in English).

I bought this cute bucket at the Dollar Tree store. You can use any styles or colors just take what will suit your project the best.

Then I take a paper and crumble it into a ball then put it inside the bucket.

Next step I added shred paper.

I made decor for the popular Russian cartoon Luntik or the English equivalent is Moonzy, so I decided to make daisies and ladybug and also add main characters.

I made designs and then printed and cut my images. I use my cutting machine Cricut for it. If you want to repeat daisies and ladybugs here are the numbers in the Cricut library. If you don't have the Cricut you can try to cut them by hand.


I use the bamboo skewers for my toppers.

For extra charm I took a straw ribbon and made the bow then fixed the ribbon with a hot glue.

Here is the final result.

Full tutorial you can watch on my YouTube channel.

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