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Ribbon Rosette Badge for Baby Shower DIY Tutorial

I will show you how to create a beautiful Mommy to Be ribbon badge for a baby shower. It can be a perfect keepsake for future parents. It's not my first video on my YouTube channel about pins and badges, so I highly recommend checking out my Party Pins playlist dedicated to pin making for more information and inspiration.

I use here:

The design of my pin consists of two parts: the core of the bee and the ribbon part folded like an accordion. I have a detailed video on how to make this pin button using a Vevor pin maker.

If you are making the pin as a one-time project, you can print and cut out your design on paper. This option is also acceptable for this project. I'm using a 7/8-inch ribbon on which we will have to apply small cuts measuring 1 cm. I will do this using sewing scissors because they are very sharp and perfect for this job. I place the ribbon on the edge of the table, then put down the ruler. This way, I make equal cuts of 1 cm. We need to make such marks for approximately a length of 24 inches. This is how our ribbon should look like. To prevent the ribbon edges from fraying, we seal them with a flame. Then, we take a hot glue gun and fold the ribbon. We fold the ribbon in a zigzag pattern, squeezing out a small drop of glue and folding the edge inward.

We repeat this process until we have a total of 16 folds. You may have a different number depending on your pin size, but it can be easily adjusted. This is the kind of ruffles we should end up with. Next, we glue our ribbon onto the pin base, carefully avoiding any mess with glue and ensuring it's attached exactly in the center. Once we reach the end, we cut the ribbon and hide the last corner inside, sealing it with glue. For the final assembly, we cut ribbons into 6-inch pieces and glue them to the backside of our pin. And there you have it, our raffle pins for a baby shower are ready. I hope you find this tutorial useful. Subscribe to my channel and happy crafting!

Full tutorial you can watch on my YouTube channel.

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